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The basic facts that influence the Indian importers and Indian exporters are
1.The economy of India
2.Exchange of foreign investments
3.Focusing on the consumer requirements

To the basic, “import”is nothing but acquiring business products from various countries or states to satisfy our business needs. The goods that are imported are called as the “imported goods”.The importers should be aware of trade agreements of the countries involving. An importer must have thorough knowledge in dumping and anti-dumping duty of importing country.

“Exporter” is a person or a company who sends or sells goods and services from home country to other countries. Exporters are otherwise known as shippers, consignors, and sellers. Exporting is the most profitable venture. Every country promotes their exports as it increase the economy of a country. In a same way, Indian Exporters also promotes their economy of a country. 

Exports are the major focus of India's trade policy. It serves as an added value for our economy.  Many business products are freely exported from India. At times, some products  are subjected to export control to avoid shortages in the market places.

The main imports of India are crude oil, stones, machinery, fertilizer, coal, steel, chemicals. The crude oil that is imported in primary is used for the petroleum and other miscellaneous related to petroleum industries. Coal is used as the essential raw material in many manufacturing industries. The importers of India have a key fact that the  imported products should satisfy the basic business needs at instant.

The main exports of India are dispensed from the industries like software, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, precious stones, textiles, machinery, iron ore,automobiles. The software pins on the top in the export industries of India. Many IT firms from abroad are getting benefited from the Indian employees who helps in successful completion of their projects.

The main import partners of India are  China, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, United States. As for as china is concerned, we import many products. This is due to the reason that they don't cost much when compared to other business products. We import crude oil from Saudi Arabia as they have bulk production of crude oil. Countries like Switzerland and  United States have also made their drastic presence in the importers directory of India. The import facility from various countries is also available in a global trade portal, Important government application forms are also available in the global database of

The Main export partners of India are  United Arab Emirates, United States, China, Singapore, Hong Kong where UAE contributes the most with 12.3% of Indian exports, US lies the second with 12.2%.Bizbilla have wide range of exporters in the local and global b2b business markets to demolish your business worldwide. Bizbilla have wide range of Indian importers and exporters to expand your business in local and global b2b business markets.